Monday, March 10, 2008


T4 is the poorer cousin of T3 at Heathrow. All of 3 shops at the departures, one chemist - Boots, one coffee shop - Nero, and one book/ newsagent - WHSmith.

British Airways owns this terminal, and HSBC has selected it to be the target of all its adverts. And outside the airport terminal there is never ending construction work with a bold title on the scaffolding, 'BAA Working towards building an airport London could be proud of'. I! ooh! I see!

The thing is I can not see, the amount of tax we pay for this, and the amount of service I expect in return is obviously not matching. I do expect a pub/ restaurant of sorts, I do expect a decent set of shops, several ATMs, several phone booths, an internet cafe etc etc. Yes I know its departures only and all you need to do is check in bags and walk into the world of Duty Free! But many a times you get there and wait till check in opens, specially when you are catching connecting flights. There is no where to sit and wait, there is nothing! Pathetic! Not to mention people who wake up at an alarmingly early hour to meet and say good bye to loved ones..who have nowhere to sit and chat.

How come in Europe, they have a proper cafe culture even at airports, why do they have shops that sell more than newspapers and medicines at the airport. How come there are comfy seats to sit and wait on, even decent bars to have a quick drink with your amtes before you need to get into security and get out?
And last but not the is an UGLY UGLY building..

And now they are testing out T5 for comfort etc..sigh!


mar00ned said...

T4 is definitely not at "glamorous" as T3 but it had the shortest security queue I have ever been in. Entry into the aeroplane was smooth and quick. I am hoping to find shorter immigration queues when I return.

pilot-pooja said...

Agreed..When Taxes r so high, services got to be equally lucrative..!

mar00ned said...

As expected .... exit out of T4 was a million times smoother than T3. Short walks. Short immigration queue. Short baggage claim wait. Sweet.