Tuesday, August 30, 2005


And I am back. Short trip to India...and even shorter one to Kashmir to meet the people who I want to work with. Srinagar was alive.... A complete opposite of what it was like in the winter. I am glad I went..its the only place on the planet (as of now) where I feel totally at peace...and I love it. Shall be posting some pictures soon..once I stop waking up at 3am. The fault lies with my dog who woke me up every morning..:) in India..and now the dog is gone but the jet lag is left.
delayed flights, cancelled trains, heavy bags and a bad back meant the return journey sucked...but i am getting better everyday with 14 hours of sleep :D
It was fun..now I am back to work, back home, back with energy and enthu...emotional battery recharge has happened.
post pics soon.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Yes..And I was home after 7 years..to tie baby brother one. Oh Joy..I could get the ugly goldie one with 'mera Bhaiiya' wirtten on it and with yellow sponge on it. It started as a lark and long time ago and the tradition continues...bankee brother responded with Diamonds :D
India was ablaze with colour as sisters rushed about and so did brothers. Its holiday after holiday in this country...Independence day, Rakhi, Janamashtami...ahh...wonder why I live in a nation of 7 bank holidays.
shall post pictures next.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Just Another Day...

Another day in India. Another day in court. A visit to the Hospital and I am thinking...hmm..very interesting. I met the Lawyer and the Doctor, now I need to meet a Police Man and thats the end of my meeting all Important people in life.
Good news is I am NOT diabetic..bad news if I have high sugar :) being Kashmiri it means nto such bad news as most K's I know have high sugar, BP and Cholestrol...so one out of 3 is not bad.

Good news is the legal end of the my life if moving ok, bad news is its a slow slow slow process that pains and hurts and makes me mad. I am a bit annoyed right now...for a whole host of things..perhaps some alcohol tonight shall do me good.
Lets see!

So far I have been to CP...central Delhi..as chaotic as before...and with the new underground tube network being built..more chaotic traffic is happening. But yes I went and saw the Cottage, Janpath and its book shops, had my favourite cold coffee and bought some music. So far so good.
Delhi is growing fast, moving quick and people live, eat and shop like no tomorrow. hmmm!! very different from UK.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Cancelled tube connections, a jumpy insecure London city, intense security checks, endless queues, hurried chocolate shopping, boarding passes and false smiles, plastic food in plastic containers, long hours of restless sleep, harry potter and ipod, embarkation cards, lazy baggage carousels and out!
Out into the humid and hot Delhi...Yes I have arrived...back in town, back in India. Back home :)
Back with the family, the dog, the maid and the knowledge of an impending matter to be cleared wrapped and packed up into the recesses of the past memory folder in my mind.
It is hot..very hot. It is humid...very humid..but its nice. This is home.

Since I have come..I have slept, slept, slept..talked..and shopped...yes shopped..for suitable clothes to wear in this hot city. Have not caught up with anyone yet...am waiting to end what needs to be ended and then start afresh.
Happy..I am. Relaxed..very relaxed, just a bit worried about tomorrow and hoping everything goes well - without hiccups.
Shall start loading pictures sometime soon.
Its good to be back.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

yeh jo desh hai mera

Yes, Mujhey hai Pukaara..Mitti ki hai jho khushu...Chahe Kahin Jayee...laut ke ayega..(love the song..love the idea that it brings to mind..and love to hear it on the way back. hate hearing it on the way out of India)

Yes...I am heading to India tomorrow..I shall be home. Finally!! And shall continue my postings on the web as I get around and live an entirely different life. And even though it is just about 4 1/2 hours time difference...it does feel like another planet when I get there. Another life. Yet another me. I shall end something that was painful and hope for happier times ahead. Here's wishing myself Bon Voyage.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Catching up..

It feels so good to catch up with old friends. I have not spoken to this one for a long long 4 years or more and in the past four years life has changed so much. Ups and downs, highs and lows, neutral blankness, intense pain and some peace.
There was so much to hear and so much to say. So much to think about and then again so much to say. Surprises and shocks, Oh My Gods and Whoaaa!!!
But the greatest relief is in knowing a) that its not just my life that looks crazy when I look back. b) the essential person does not change - what made us friends and get along still exists.
Looking forward to meeting and chatting in person with an old friend.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Location - London 30 July 05

In London,
On the 23rd Floor of the Hilton,
looking down at the city lights and traffic,
sipping champagne,
meeting old friends, catching up,
watching two friends I have known for long get engaged and smiling,
millions of pictures, loads of hugs and kisses,

yet the mind wanders...aimlesslesly through the folders and files of the distant past and the not so distant past.

Surrounded by people, yet alone. In a huge metropolis, yet solitary. Surrounded by friends, yet lonely.

The games my mind can play with me are varied and numerous. I did let it get the better of me that night in London for a bit, but I shook myself out of it..ate, drank and celebrated the longest time ever taken by a guy to buy a ring...5 years!!! Celebrated friends - old and new, past and present. The best thing was everyone looked so nice...we all clean up good!! Shall post some pictures soon.