Tuesday, August 30, 2005


And I am back. Short trip to India...and even shorter one to Kashmir to meet the people who I want to work with. Srinagar was alive.... A complete opposite of what it was like in the winter. I am glad I went..its the only place on the planet (as of now) where I feel totally at peace...and I love it. Shall be posting some pictures soon..once I stop waking up at 3am. The fault lies with my dog who woke me up every morning..:) in India..and now the dog is gone but the jet lag is left.
delayed flights, cancelled trains, heavy bags and a bad back meant the return journey sucked...but i am getting better everyday with 14 hours of sleep :D
It was fun..now I am back to work, back home, back with energy and enthu...emotional battery recharge has happened.
post pics soon.

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Piper said...

awesomeness! :)
good to have you back