Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Cancelled tube connections, a jumpy insecure London city, intense security checks, endless queues, hurried chocolate shopping, boarding passes and false smiles, plastic food in plastic containers, long hours of restless sleep, harry potter and ipod, embarkation cards, lazy baggage carousels and out!
Out into the humid and hot Delhi...Yes I have arrived...back in town, back in India. Back home :)
Back with the family, the dog, the maid and the knowledge of an impending matter to be cleared wrapped and packed up into the recesses of the past memory folder in my mind.
It is hot..very hot. It is humid...very humid..but its nice. This is home.

Since I have come..I have slept, slept, slept..talked..and shopped...yes shopped..for suitable clothes to wear in this hot city. Have not caught up with anyone yet...am waiting to end what needs to be ended and then start afresh.
Happy..I am. Relaxed..very relaxed, just a bit worried about tomorrow and hoping everything goes well - without hiccups.
Shall start loading pictures sometime soon.
Its good to be back.


mar00ned said...

Everywhere I travel -- tiny life.
Single-serving sugar, single-serving
cream, single pat of butter.

Shampoo/conditioner combo.
Single-serving mouthwash, tiny bar of soap.

The people I meet on each flight --
they're single-serving friends.
Between take-off and landing, we have
our time together, but that's all we get.

Piper said...

nice to know you reached safely sweets!