Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Sometimes age tends to remind you of its existence at the weirdest of times. Yesterday I was out walking when I decided to run..just you know..a steady paced..dash...from point A to B, I dont know why ..I just wanted to run...and so I did. And behold a few hours later I get knocked out by back pain..which reminded me that... Nope I am no longer the person who ran from Mussorie to Dehradun in school marathons, or the one who played tennis endlessly in college, and I not quite the rock climber I was a few years ago..No-No I am the female who is steadily inching towards thirty!!
And looking forward to it too..I mean at 30 You have arrived...and if you have not..you need a quick assesment of whyever not. Now that shall be a seperate entry...30 and the dilemmas surrounding the number is something I am still thinking about...

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Best Things in Life are BAD FOR YOU!

Name anything you can like...chocolates, wine, alcohol, tobacco, women...name it...and if it is something you really really like I can bet my *** it will be bad for you.

I mean in a perfect world, living off chocolate, smoking 40 a day, drinking a shot or too and getting no exercise should have lead to a perfect body, a soul to match and baby soft skin. But Na-ah!!

To look and be perfect you must :
- Walk and run till you sweat
- Steer clear of anything that looks like it shall make you go ahhhh!!! with pleasure.
- Eat boiled stuff, positively no oil or sweet
- Drink enough water to drown
- Sleep early, wake up with the birds,
- Dont go to crowded clubs and pubs full of smoke

Boo hoo!! whoever made these rules was sadistic!! I think I shall think up some new ones of my own!

Friday, April 21, 2006


I admit I am not the sweetest person around and I also admit that the veRRRy sweet and veRRRy nice type of people tend to bug me a bit. I like people who are straight forward and upfront so I dont know if I am the only one who is tormented with forwarded emails which have trails and trails of addresses....a saccharine sweet story about a boy who wished for something for Christmas and the 'Good' Fairy gave it to him..and how I should forward this good fairy on to others in the next one hour or be met with bad luck!!

I mean on one hand you get this email which is sweetness and sunshine and right at the bottom is the evil destructive threat!!! I mean...Come On!!!
The other thing I dont like are those people who are always smiling and jumpy and bubbly and cheerful..I mean first thing in the morning on a Monday morning..

and its a HIYA!!!! How ARE you...did you have a nice weekend...oh god its so good to be back to work....
and I think...whhhhuuut? huh? You are glad to be at work? I mean I like my work...but I am NOT a happy bunny on a Monday morning..no way!!

The there are those who start every sentence with ' I cant possibly, no no...that is BAD..blah blah' I mean what are you afraid of? The Bad Fairy???

I always wonder how people are this sweet and nice all the time. There must be some time when they are mad, when they swear or when they are in a bad mood...Right???

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get a Lift!

Hands up those of you who have had the misfortune of getting stuck in an elevator, even short periods of time shall count.
I had my unnerving experience this morning. On the 12 floor of a building in town, the lift pings open, I get in, press G and wait...out of boredom I was staring around, saw a 'Men At Work' sign lying on the floor in one corner..obviously the men were at work, as I found out soon, but the men had forgotten to tell this woman what is happening.
The lift proceeding to becoming maniacal..went up, changed its mind, shot down with all sorts of groans and creaks to complete the picture, it swung and refused to respond to any thing of the buttons on the panel...I had visions of severed cables and me shooting down a bottomless pit and getting crushed.....So, I pressed the red alarm button which I have always wondered about...the conversation goes..

'hello, I am calling from the lift in this building'
'hello, how are you'

I mean this is an emmergency button...and I would not call to make small conversation would I?..
What am I supposed to say,
'I am good, a bit stuck, but I am sure I will be ok'
'I am ok, just tired from a long weekend'
'I am ok, glad to have someone to talk to while I die in this elevator alone'

I mean COME ON!!!anyways...someone finally managed to get the lift to stop somewhere I could get off...and I did...panic attack happened though :)
Not paranoid but extremely thankful to the 'Men' who work on the lifts in my office because they make damn sure everyone knows when they are working on the lifts!

Friday, April 14, 2006


It looked like every one was going somewhere.
It looked like a mass exodus. Something right out of a weird American 'scare-yourself-silly' film.
There were 2.5 Million people flying out of UK over last night and tonight.
There were 1 Million people on the motorways.

Easter has arrived and has brought with it 2 national holidays and people desperate for the sun running out of the country, even its only 4 days. As usual there are delays on the motorways, pileups, jams and delays at the airports too!! I left too...but only to come to Scotland..I know its different country..but not the same as Spain :) before anyone of Scottish lineage jumps...I dont need a passport to travel to Scotland!

Anyways..point is..its a bit like Akbar/ Birbal when someone asked Birbal how many pigeons live in Delhi..and he says 20,000 any more and they are visitors, any less and they have gone visiting :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Lost Forever

I have lost the one thing that I held most dear to me. The one thing that I loved more than anything else. The only thing that could make me smile and feel comforted at all times. The only thing that gave unconditional love at all times to me. The small thing that I bottle fed and potty trained. The one thing that made me wish I was home!
Tweety. My dog died on Saturday 8 April. I cant believe it she wont be there at home to welcome me in. She wont be there to lick me awake and share my duvet. She wont be there to beg for a bone when I am eating meat. She wont be there with a leash in her mouth to take her for a walk. She wont be there on the terrace with me to soak the sun. She wont be there with her unwavering love and her warm eyes, her droppy ears and her furry body. She wont be there. She was my baby, the little 3 week old pup that slept on my pillow, and was spoon fed with baby formula, she shared my food, licked my tears and listened patiently to all my woes. Watched Friends on the TV and went crazy every time I gave her a bath. She watched over my breakfast every time I ate Salaami. She gave dirty looks to my 'outside' shoes coz it meant I would go away. She would sit in my suitcase everytime I would pack to go. She holds the record of the bearer of highest number of kisses ever received! I will miss her 'I LOVE YOU SO MUCH' look..that she had in her eyes every time she looked at me...I will really really miss that.
The tears dont stop falling, my mind refuses to register her death...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Are you covered?

All of us have friends...I am assuming here..but maybe I am right..you do have friends..some you like, some you love, some you want to be like, and some who you like just coz you can pull their legs!

Think of the closest friends you have...a few names might pop straight into your mind when asked this question. Oookaaay! Does your friendship go back a long long way? Is that why you are friends..coz you have history together?
Would these people drop anything and everything and rush to you if you really really needed them?
Do you need to be in touch constantly to keep the friendship growing or is it easy to catch up in no time via phone calls?

I just realized in a naive way that sometimes people come into your life and become really close and good friends, when you really need them. They are god sent..they were people who you once knew kinda..and then they became really close..and now you think back and you cant remember how you became friends to start with.
On the other hand there are those few who you have counted as your best mates for a long time but you have not really been around them for a long time..and they have not been there while you have gone through ups and downs.
There are those few as well, who have the ability to kick your butt when you need it, hold your hand when you need it held, shake you up when you are being weird and generally be brutally honest at most times and laugh with you on silly jokes.. but they are always there..somewhere..near you or far, you always know where they are.
Now this is not pigeon holing..these are just qualities of people who make life worth living and sharing!! And if you have any or many of these types in your life..you ARE covered for any eventuality..good or bad! Lucky You!

Read back...I could have made this into one of those 'pass this onto all your closest friends to let them know they are loved' type of forwards!!! EEYUCK! No...no..
This is just..to think and remember those funny, shitty, sad, lovely, crazy, scary and possibly just weird times you have had with some of your best friends..possibly drunk nights, possibly long walks, possibly all night conversations, long emails..the works...but those people..who make you want to sometimes say..Phew!! Thank God for you!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

The sun is shining outside, nice and bright. Its hot in the sun and cold in the shade. I dont know if I want my jacket on or off. I feel hot in full sleeves and cold in the sleevless one. Boots are too warm and shoes are too cold, sandals are out of question.
The daffodils are out and so are the irises and snowdrops...
After months of skies which mourned,
after weeks of wind that howled,
after days of endless frost and snow,
the sun is finally starting to glow!! (whey-hey that ryhmes!!)
Boy Am I glad or...am I glad its sunny and spring is here. Spring and summer are the only two redeeming features of this cold wet Island called United Kingdom. Its beautiful every where you look. April showers shall happen I am sure, but they dont last for long!

As you can guess it is one of those 'glad-to-be-alive days'

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Feminism anyone?

'Feminism is a diverse, competing, and often opposing collection of social theories, political movements, and moral philosophies, largely motivated by or concerning the experiences of women, especially in terms of their social, political, and economic inequalities.' Wikipedia.

Not completely unexpected bearing in mind the previous post...here is a small list of the types of Feminism that exist! Shall not allow this to become a diatribe of sorts, just possibly introduce some of you to the phenomenon, if I can call it so, of Feminism.

Subtypes of feminism

Amazon feminism - Anarcha Feminism - Anti-racist feminism - Black Feminism - Chicana Feminism - cultural feminism - ecofeminism - equity feminism - existentialist feminism
French feminism - gender feminism - individualist feminism (also known as libertarian feminism)
lesbian feminism - liberal feminism - male feminism or Pro-feminist men
Marxist feminism (also known as socialist feminism) - material feminism - pop feminism
post-colonial feminism - postmodern feminism which includes queer theory
pro-sex feminism (also known as sexually liberal feminism, sex-positive feminism)
psychoanalytic feminism - radical feminism - separatist feminism - socialist feminism
spiritual feminism - standpoint feminism - third-world feminism - transnational feminism
transfeminism - womanism - Certain actions, approaches and people can also be described as proto-feminist or post-feminist.

Learn more about Feminism here.

Dont like Women!

So far this blog has had some feminist thoughts and a lot of male bashing..I am not changing my opinion about men (which I shall probably air at length later) but I am talking about the women.

As of now I can think of 4 types...

The Practical one - She is smart enough to catch on to jokes and innuendos of all sorts. She is educated and confident. Quick enough to put you back in your place should you grow bigger than the proverbial boots. Calm enough to know how to handle people and situations. Down to earth and sometimes gets counted as one of the guys. When she messes up there are big tears and then she bounces straight out. She is a great friend but is rarely the first to come to mind when you want a date. In case of attraction you would think twice before suggesting a relationship - she might just laugh aloud at the very thought.

Applicable names (could be used to call her or she uses to call her friends) : friend, mate, pal and preferably the proper name without short forms
Non Applicable names : babe, babes, baby, sugar, sweetie
Type: Likeable. Rarely found without much hunting.

The Smart but not really - She thinks she is smart but she is not really. She is under confident and hence bitchy about every female in sight. She is competitive when faced with any other female and thus comes across as false. On her own without male attention she might be a sweet person. She is dressed right to be 'cool' , fashion victim at its best. She likes to be seen at the right places with the right people. She is a perfect scape goat for smart ass type men who shall pull her leg and she will not even know it. Not straight forward due constant agendas on her mind. Constant hair flicking over shoulders is a give away for this type.

Applicable names (could be used to call her or she uses to call her friends): short versions like Archana - archie, Vandana to Vandz, Jasmine to Jaz, as well, woman, or a male pet name like Chuck, Tony etc. Also Darling, sweetheart.
Non Applicable names: kiddo, kid, dear, sugarplum and sweetums
Type. Hard to like. Found everywhere, probably one sitting right next to you right now!

The Cute but dumb type - very sweet, very pretty, dressed well or probably baby doll style. Does not know her own name after a long sleep. No debates or pretences about being a bit slow. Straight forward and honest however. Easy to be with apart from the habit of stopping, reversing and peering into every reflective surface to check make up is still in place, also picking bits out of nails.

Applicable names(could be used to call her or she uses to call her friends): sweetie, honey, darling
Non applicable names: her own name, the proper names of people (tough to remember)
Type. Like-able but not someone you can fall back on. Readily found at all locations.

The helpless hapless variety -cant do anything right, 'silly me' phrase commonly used. Rarely found in female company. Good arm candy. She looks good and needs a strong smart man to 'take care' of her. She is smart inside but is the kind who uses lash fluttering to get things done. Does nothing much coz her nails might get damaged. Fashion victim at her best, but sometimes a steely personality can be found underneath. Makes a perfect date but not really in the long run. Low boredom threshold. Giggles a lot with lot of head shaking to setlle her hair into place. Low cleavages are commonl;y visible here.
Applicable names(could be used to call her or she uses to call her friends): HIYA and air kissing. Honey, babes, babe, baby, bunny, sweetie
Non applicable names: Never her own name or woman or smarty.
Type. Tough to like, even tougher to accept. Commonly found in elevators, restaurants, long queues, offices where paperwork is needed, also on the road with flat tyres.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Generator for Happiness

We are responsible for our own happiness. Sometimes it is derived from others, but at most times we generate it ourself.
Yesterday I met a friend who has made a tough decision to chase her own happiness. It has meant taking a risk but believing in yourself and your decision. She was confident and I am sure she shall find her happiness.
Later on I met a friend who has been chasing his ambitions in his career and is focussed on making profits for his company and he believes that shall make him happy. A succesful meeting which has got him a load of investment has made him happy.
As I sat down at night to read the newspapers I was thinking about what makes me happy and if I am happy right now or not. I am happy. I could be happier and I know how. I shall chase that.
Its just that sometimes what makes you happy makes others unhappy and then you have to sit on the fence. But do you really? Anyone who cares about you would want YOU to be happy. And you chasing your own happiness should not be perceived as a selfish act.
Happiness is also now being used as an important factor in Policy making..as governments aim at deciphering what makes people happy. And Bhutan has a Gross National Happiness formula.