Monday, April 24, 2006

The Best Things in Life are BAD FOR YOU!

Name anything you can like...chocolates, wine, alcohol, tobacco, it...and if it is something you really really like I can bet my *** it will be bad for you.

I mean in a perfect world, living off chocolate, smoking 40 a day, drinking a shot or too and getting no exercise should have lead to a perfect body, a soul to match and baby soft skin. But Na-ah!!

To look and be perfect you must :
- Walk and run till you sweat
- Steer clear of anything that looks like it shall make you go ahhhh!!! with pleasure.
- Eat boiled stuff, positively no oil or sweet
- Drink enough water to drown
- Sleep early, wake up with the birds,
- Dont go to crowded clubs and pubs full of smoke

Boo hoo!! whoever made these rules was sadistic!! I think I shall think up some new ones of my own!

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