Friday, April 21, 2006


I admit I am not the sweetest person around and I also admit that the veRRRy sweet and veRRRy nice type of people tend to bug me a bit. I like people who are straight forward and upfront so I dont know if I am the only one who is tormented with forwarded emails which have trails and trails of addresses....a saccharine sweet story about a boy who wished for something for Christmas and the 'Good' Fairy gave it to him..and how I should forward this good fairy on to others in the next one hour or be met with bad luck!!

I mean on one hand you get this email which is sweetness and sunshine and right at the bottom is the evil destructive threat!!! I mean...Come On!!!
The other thing I dont like are those people who are always smiling and jumpy and bubbly and cheerful..I mean first thing in the morning on a Monday morning..

and its a HIYA!!!! How ARE you...did you have a nice weekend...oh god its so good to be back to work....
and I think...whhhhuuut? huh? You are glad to be at work? I mean I like my work...but I am NOT a happy bunny on a Monday way!!

The there are those who start every sentence with ' I cant possibly, no no...that is BAD..blah blah' I mean what are you afraid of? The Bad Fairy???

I always wonder how people are this sweet and nice all the time. There must be some time when they are mad, when they swear or when they are in a bad mood...Right???

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