Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

The sun is shining outside, nice and bright. Its hot in the sun and cold in the shade. I dont know if I want my jacket on or off. I feel hot in full sleeves and cold in the sleevless one. Boots are too warm and shoes are too cold, sandals are out of question.
The daffodils are out and so are the irises and snowdrops...
After months of skies which mourned,
after weeks of wind that howled,
after days of endless frost and snow,
the sun is finally starting to glow!! (whey-hey that ryhmes!!)
Boy Am I glad I glad its sunny and spring is here. Spring and summer are the only two redeeming features of this cold wet Island called United Kingdom. Its beautiful every where you look. April showers shall happen I am sure, but they dont last for long!

As you can guess it is one of those 'glad-to-be-alive days'


Soulmate said...

That is good to hear. The same situation is in the month of February in India. Have a nice time in Spring and enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Morpheus said...

Feb in India can be cold I suppose depending on where you are. I dont remember what spring smells like in India anymore..I used to know..