Friday, April 14, 2006


It looked like every one was going somewhere.
It looked like a mass exodus. Something right out of a weird American 'scare-yourself-silly' film.
There were 2.5 Million people flying out of UK over last night and tonight.
There were 1 Million people on the motorways.

Easter has arrived and has brought with it 2 national holidays and people desperate for the sun running out of the country, even its only 4 days. As usual there are delays on the motorways, pileups, jams and delays at the airports too!! I left too...but only to come to Scotland..I know its different country..but not the same as Spain :) before anyone of Scottish lineage jumps...I dont need a passport to travel to Scotland!

Anyways..point is..its a bit like Akbar/ Birbal when someone asked Birbal how many pigeons live in Delhi..and he says 20,000 any more and they are visitors, any less and they have gone visiting :)

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