Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Sometimes age tends to remind you of its existence at the weirdest of times. Yesterday I was out walking when I decided to run..just you know..a steady paced..dash...from point A to B, I dont know why ..I just wanted to run...and so I did. And behold a few hours later I get knocked out by back pain..which reminded me that... Nope I am no longer the person who ran from Mussorie to Dehradun in school marathons, or the one who played tennis endlessly in college, and I not quite the rock climber I was a few years ago..No-No I am the female who is steadily inching towards thirty!!
And looking forward to it too..I mean at 30 You have arrived...and if you have not..you need a quick assesment of whyever not. Now that shall be a seperate entry...30 and the dilemmas surrounding the number is something I am still thinking about...

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