Thursday, April 06, 2006

Are you covered?

All of us have friends...I am assuming here..but maybe I am do have friends..some you like, some you love, some you want to be like, and some who you like just coz you can pull their legs!

Think of the closest friends you have...a few names might pop straight into your mind when asked this question. Oookaaay! Does your friendship go back a long long way? Is that why you are friends..coz you have history together?
Would these people drop anything and everything and rush to you if you really really needed them?
Do you need to be in touch constantly to keep the friendship growing or is it easy to catch up in no time via phone calls?

I just realized in a naive way that sometimes people come into your life and become really close and good friends, when you really need them. They are god sent..they were people who you once knew kinda..and then they became really close..and now you think back and you cant remember how you became friends to start with.
On the other hand there are those few who you have counted as your best mates for a long time but you have not really been around them for a long time..and they have not been there while you have gone through ups and downs.
There are those few as well, who have the ability to kick your butt when you need it, hold your hand when you need it held, shake you up when you are being weird and generally be brutally honest at most times and laugh with you on silly jokes.. but they are always there..somewhere..near you or far, you always know where they are.
Now this is not pigeon holing..these are just qualities of people who make life worth living and sharing!! And if you have any or many of these types in your ARE covered for any eventuality..good or bad! Lucky You!

Read back...I could have made this into one of those 'pass this onto all your closest friends to let them know they are loved' type of forwards!!! EEYUCK!
This is think and remember those funny, shitty, sad, lovely, crazy, scary and possibly just weird times you have had with some of your best friends..possibly drunk nights, possibly long walks, possibly all night conversations, long emails..the works...but those people..who make you want to sometimes say..Phew!! Thank God for you!!


Pushkar said...

I do remember and yes, I think i am covered for now..
thanks to wonderful friends :)

Soulmate said...

Yes, I can say this confidently that I am covered. Have friends who fit in all the categories you have mentioned. May be I am lucky enough to have really good friends with me all the time and it makes me even more happy to say that they all think the same about me. They all consider me as someone they can fall back on when needed.