Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get a Lift!

Hands up those of you who have had the misfortune of getting stuck in an elevator, even short periods of time shall count.
I had my unnerving experience this morning. On the 12 floor of a building in town, the lift pings open, I get in, press G and wait...out of boredom I was staring around, saw a 'Men At Work' sign lying on the floor in one corner..obviously the men were at work, as I found out soon, but the men had forgotten to tell this woman what is happening.
The lift proceeding to becoming maniacal..went up, changed its mind, shot down with all sorts of groans and creaks to complete the picture, it swung and refused to respond to any thing of the buttons on the panel...I had visions of severed cables and me shooting down a bottomless pit and getting crushed.....So, I pressed the red alarm button which I have always wondered about...the conversation goes..

'hello, I am calling from the lift in this building'
'hello, how are you'

I mean this is an emmergency button...and I would not call to make small conversation would I?..
What am I supposed to say,
'I am good, a bit stuck, but I am sure I will be ok'
'I am ok, just tired from a long weekend'
'I am ok, glad to have someone to talk to while I die in this elevator alone'

I mean COME ON!!!anyways...someone finally managed to get the lift to stop somewhere I could get off...and I did...panic attack happened though :)
Not paranoid but extremely thankful to the 'Men' who work on the lifts in my office because they make damn sure everyone knows when they are working on the lifts!

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