Monday, April 03, 2006

Generator for Happiness

We are responsible for our own happiness. Sometimes it is derived from others, but at most times we generate it ourself.
Yesterday I met a friend who has made a tough decision to chase her own happiness. It has meant taking a risk but believing in yourself and your decision. She was confident and I am sure she shall find her happiness.
Later on I met a friend who has been chasing his ambitions in his career and is focussed on making profits for his company and he believes that shall make him happy. A succesful meeting which has got him a load of investment has made him happy.
As I sat down at night to read the newspapers I was thinking about what makes me happy and if I am happy right now or not. I am happy. I could be happier and I know how. I shall chase that.
Its just that sometimes what makes you happy makes others unhappy and then you have to sit on the fence. But do you really? Anyone who cares about you would want YOU to be happy. And you chasing your own happiness should not be perceived as a selfish act.
Happiness is also now being used as an important factor in Policy governments aim at deciphering what makes people happy. And Bhutan has a Gross National Happiness formula.

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