Friday, March 31, 2006


Would you hit someone if you are really really angry, irrespective of the sex of the person?
Would you start a fight because you are angry enough?
Would you start a fight knowing you will not win it?
Would you hit someone bigger and stronger than you?
Would you hit a child who is not listening and driving you absolutely mad?

We all know of violence in pubs, clubs, marriages, parenting, football stadiums...So I ask...

Why do people hit other people? I am sure that everyone of us has hit something or someone out of anger at some point of time? Is violence insitgated by emotions (upset/angry) justified?

Some of us maybe pacifists and dont believe in shouting and violence, but would you then hit out at someone who is constantly hurting you? Or would you try and talk them out of it? Is violence in self defence acceptable?

Sitting on the fence here!


Anonymous said...

Again its a matter of one's own perceptions. While some may say that even violence against self defence is not acceptable while others may totally abide by it. As for me, I will try to control myself. Only when I feel that the situation is getting out of control and to bring it to normal I need to 'HIT', I will go for it. Again there is an 'IF' attached to it. I will do so only 'IF' I know that after hitting, the situation will get under control. Think am in the same boat as yours!!!

Morpheus said...

Interesting thought! Would 'hitting' have to ability to make any situation normal? or better still get it 'under control'?

I am in the I will not hit at all boat. I dont believe in violence of any sort. Whether I know I will win, or in self defence..the only exception if any would be if I am defending a child or a pet from physical abuse from someone else.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that it can defile and end the most sacred and perfect relationship beyond repair. So whatever the case, one has to know ow to give vent to emotions in an alternate way. I have gone through it..twice.. :((

Morpheus said...

Sorry to hear that. At least you acknowledge the fact that you have learnt! Emotions are tricky things, you get done for not showing any and also done for showing some!! such is life!

BangaloreGuy said...

If I'm really really angry, and I assume you mean disruptive, destructive anger there - I'd come out swinging. At such a juncture, the things that spur me on are typically:
Knowing I may not win it.
Being up against someone bigger and stronger than me.

And yes, I'd hit a child who's driving me nuts - after exhausting all other options.

the violence you describe is typically emotional - and can be understood, the situation perhaps resolved, but the violence cant be justified, because it aint rational.