Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I think I think too much

I really think that I spend a lot of time thinking. Thinking things which are not always useful or problematic...I just start thinking and then get lost somewhere in my thoughts. I think positive thoughts, happy thoughts, negative thoughts, money thoughts, job thoughts, how is my family living so far away thoughts, should I stay in UK thoughts, PhD is a pain in the butt thoughts. Just a tiny set of simple thoughts..
Other than this there are the triggered by visual stimuli thoughts, this place is pretty thought - links to - that place was similar - to - I must go to Cornwall thoughts - which leads to - i do like travelling thoughts - and then where should I go next thoghts. Often the trigger is someone looking happy / sad / worried..and i think...what could be the matter, poor thing, I wonder if they have someone to speak to...
Then there is the pure none of my business line of thinking..wonder where she is going at this time, oh my god what is that, is purple the new black, when was the last time i saw a man with a long single braid, what do scots wear under kilts, why is this child crying, who cleans the windows of the towering office blocks, does chewing gum ever come off the pavement...
There are also idle thoughts..castles in the air thoughts...the hmm...I do SO wish this happens type..I shall not list those but shall stop by saying..they make me smile, they make me dream, they make me wish and want to pray!


SpaceMonkey said...

I think I think.
Therefore I think I am.
I think.

Descartes' original comment modified by yours truly.

Morpheus said...

I see I see.