Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The problem with travelling

All my bags are packed,
Ready to go,
I am standing here,
Outside your door.
Yup!! Once again I am ready to go...go to a brand new space and place. Not knowing what I shall find..and it gives me a buzz :D I like travelling whether alone or not, but to new places. Its exciting. I feel like a kid.
And then despite these advanced years of mine, I have parents worrying or as Ma says 'concerned' not worrying. Who would like to know..if I am ok. Have reached etc etc (since I am going alone) its amusing and endearing. Is it not amusing how at some level despite what we do, what we learn and where we reach, we shall always be little children to our parents. Its something to accept and live with. That bit I can live with.
I have often wondered, I have lived alone, travelled a lot, a lot of times on my own, yet the parents think..and think, they get concerned and want to know about my safety. And then comes the whole, if you were with 'someone' we would not be so worried, then its two of you and the other person will look after you etc etc. That bit I have trouble accepting. Am I incomplete on my own? Do I need another person to make me more responsible and safer? I wonder. Its an eternal topic of arguement with mum.
Is it just me, over protected, baby sister of the family? Or do men have the same problem. I wonder.


mar00ned said...

ek se bhale do ... do se bhale teen .. till infinity :-D

SpaceMonkey said...

M'ed, I guess you won't be saying the same thing when you're gonna have kids.

Morf, more images of paintings please.

Morpheus said...

No painting yet. Shall definitely do some when i get home, being maha 'influenced' in Oslo as of now. More news of my travails shall reach blog soon