Monday, March 20, 2006


After much planning and thinking and planning and running..I reached...I talked...I am assuming I conquered from the response I got from the crowds to my lecture. They lent me their ears and I abused those ears for about an hour.
My travels to a vague land were amusing and entertaining. It made me realise how huge, vast and strange our planet is. Landing in a set of islands that become on frozen landmass in the winter months due to the sea freezing was tough to picture in my head. Watching boats that need no anchors because the water will not take them anywhere was weird.

Then meeting people who could sit and still be at the same level as me while I stand was amusing, average height in JUST too damn high! I am not tall even from Indian standards, but needing to sit at the very edge of a chair just to keep my feet on the ground (I can see an irony on the edge to keep feet on the ground)..anyways...I sat back to rest my poor back and had feet dangling off the edge of the chair..a feeling that I have not had since I was about 10 years old I think.

Being in a brand new place with no idea of directions was strangely familair..6 years ago it felt that way being in I was lost for a while, then got my bearings.

The thing is...location, weather and food change, colour of eyes, skin and height change, profession and occupation change, but people remain the same. Women still want to be in love with the best possible man, children still want to scream and shout at every landing and take off, men want to sit and be left alone to watch TV in every culture, hushed tones of mothers around an insomniac child are there in every language, politicians bugging people exist around the globe.
It is a revelation. We are different and we want to same things in life. Amusing.

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