Friday, March 17, 2006


I tried my best..I could not. I could not take a photograph of the bright stars last night. The proximity to the pole, the cold clear weather, or the lack of pollution. I dont know which one of these or what combination. But yesterday I could think of nothing else...I was standing in -15 degrees outside a restaurant in Oslo..and I was silly enough to look up. Oh boy! I have never ever seen such big HUGE a cliched did feel like I could reach up and grab them. They were just TOO close..and too big and twinkly..crystal They look like diamonds in the sky...very twinkle twinkle...very nice. I am amused and surprised and also quite glad I came here.
Today I shall visit the Fjorde and the Munch Museum, and then get back to good old England.
It was a joke trying to use to net here...ek to everything is in Norwegian and the kerboard is strange as well. I feel like quite a gaon ki gori here with technology..not that I am any good with technology otherwise Ø)...cant make a smileyØ) they dont use colons or semi colons here apparently..and the laptop is dead thanks to no conversion plugs!! why cant some one standardise things in this world!!
More Travels Later!


SpaceMonkey said...

Morf, lol @ "gaon ki gori" :D

Morpheus said...

I insist I felt like one. Like DUH!! Thank god I am not blonde..that would have just completed the picture! ek to larki + no technical brains + blonde..ha ha ha