Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fog Index

New word and new formula for those who read and write complicated texts. Given to me in yet another training by the Dean of Research at my university.

We have to 'endeavour' to keep the FOG INDEX of our thesis low (between 30 - 40)

Fog Index = Number of words in a sentence X number of syllables in the longest word in that sentence.

any higher that 40 makes the text 'foggy'. Interesting use of the word and interesting formula as well. I am quite surprised that most people in academia dont use this thumb rule to make text more readable.


SpaceMonkey said...

Fog index of this post = 1092390487. :)

Morpheus said...

Endeavours at improvement are currently being made! We thank you for bearing with us and apologise for any inconvinience caused.