Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy New Year

Its new year for the Kashmiri pandits, tomorrow is navreh or Nauroz as we call it. The start of spring. The traditional thali with the rice and the walnuts and the mirror, gold, sweets and calendar needs to be set up. I was (as usual) thinking back of the many Nauroz's I have spent at home, when I have woken up and called mum to bring me the thali so I can see my own face first thing in the morning. I would be happy to put tika on everything including my own forehead!

Tradition demands I fill in the thali tonight, which I shall do. Though it shall have a Galaxy chocolate on mithai around! Afsos!
Tradition demands new clothes to be worn. This is being done, ofcourse!!!
Tradition demands I take the thali to the people in my one here!!

In contrast to tradition the order to shop for new clothes and to celebrate came over SMS from mum. Things have moved on!!!


Vikas Kaul said...

I am working with a few people to make a documentary on her case. A friend of mine is talking to some top journalists. On my side, we will try to generate as much money as it will take. Message of the documentary would be simple yet hard-hitting Re-open the case and make sure the trial it's fair. Will need your help.

By the way, a teenager Aditya Raj Kaul (who initiated the petition) was on NDTV's X-Factor the other night. He requested the President of India to re-open the case and secure a fair retrial of the same. He did what ~62 KP organizations haven't done yet.

Vikas Kaul said...

Navreh Mubarakh to you as well.

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy New Year to you Morpheus.... Dont worry if you dont have a family there. People frm India are wishing you...