Wednesday, March 08, 2006


'Those Who Can, Teach' is a UK Government initiative to lure (invite) more and more people to the teaching profession. Golden handshakes and high number of paid holidays plus flexible teaching hours make this area of work look very interesting. Teachers are paid as much if not more than doctors here (if you include the amount of holidays they get) But why is this country still short of teachers? Desperately short?

Well..remember your school days, when the worst thing that could happen to you was a letter or phone call going home to your parents?
Or PTA meetings when the teacher would shake his/her head in sympathy for parents whose child is beyond redemption?
Remember the fear of failing an exam or worse still falling ill before the exams?
And minutes before the exam when a friend asks..'did you take a look at that, that is sure to come' and you think DAMN...i should have stayed up longer last night.
You wished you teacher Good morning even if they met you in a market in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. You call them Ma'am even after years of getting out of school.

Well..all this is missing. You cant fail students in this country. cant fail them till they reach year 10. You cant tell them off cause it might cause trauma. You can complain to the parents because they can sue you for offensive behaviour. You can not tell a child to study hardeer / apy attention/ stop being silly, cause then you are bullying them. The student on the other hand can blame you for stress, tension and bullying. Can spit at you and abuse you verbally, you are not allowed to defend yourself in case of a physical attack.

The list goes on. But it does make you understand why people dont want to teach.
Yet I teach. Dont know why!


SpaceMonkey said...

What do you teach?

Morpheus said...

Used to teach English and Art at Primary schools in a previous life. Teach IT at a college for Yougn Offenders Institution (Read - Prison for 18-21 yr old males) right now and also Graphics to First year students of BA(hons)Graphic Design at University.