Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Planet

I am in a stunning location right now. After seeing planet earth i was sitting and thinking how strange and weird and astonishing our planet is.
And now I am sitting in what looks like a country carved out of snow. Its mountains, it rivers, its lakes are frozen white. Being so close to the North Pole means its got this strange quality to its light..not only does the sun turn up at about 120degrees it stays there and thats it. The air is clear and so the colours look vey different. Strangely clean with the tallest people I have ever seen in my life, this place is amazing me. I shall add some pictures on my photoblog soon. This is Oslo, Norway. I am here for a few days and its a stunning place, with the most radical landscapes ever. Just drinking it in and adding fuel to the fire for the need to travel that lives not too far from the surface inside me.


mar00ned said...

Noce Joke about Norwegian weather.

Morpheus said...

The joke is not funny..its true. Last night me and Kjersteje were standing outside the restaurant where we were to have dinner. It was -15 and i have never ever felt so cold...she rubs her hands briskly and says...brr...spring is getting here!! amazing!! amazing. there is like 8 feet of Ice piled up on the roads since its too cold for it to melt. they just push it aside and carry on like normal. Ajeeb log!! Ajeeb desh!