Monday, March 06, 2006

Life = Game

Went for training for about job interviews for Doctoral Students, says Iwan the instructor,

"It's a bit like life really, a game, there are rules,
some you know, some you dont,
some get made up as you play,
some seem fair and others not so much,
but once you are in it, you have to play"

Interesting...Life = Game..I agree you HAVE to play...or you would not be alive, but I think rules are something you have to make yourself...or you will not be too happy for too long. Other people's rules are for them, some you can use, some are not applicable. So...think about this one!


mar00ned said...

Yeh zindagi hai ek jua .. khelta ja ... khelta ja ... :-D

SpaceMonkey said...

:) @ Marooned.

Morf, from feminist to deeply philosofical - easy on the gears woman.

Morpheus said...

Automatic transmission here. Changing gears is not an issue. I think sometimes you hear/ see/ feel something even in passing and it gets stuck in your my case it spills out into the blog :)Your previous spacemonkey picture was good.

Anonymous said...

If you compete with Life as if it were playing a Game... remember... Life always wins !