Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Keep It Simple Stupid..seems to be the best philosophy in life. Men being men can not and will not even try and understand any thing simple. Basic. They are born solvers. They want to solve things and the things they cant solve they mistrust or laugh off as unimportant. Women see things from a strange perspective and can easily complicate the simplest things in life. So KISS-ing seems to be the only solution. But you cant over simplify things either, it makes people feel stupid, you cant complicate things it will make them suspicious or worse still confused. and Confusion in the male world is closely followed by lack of interest, what is not easy to figure out is not worth figuring out! Move on....watch some TV..thats simple.
To all the women who are reading this now..have you ever felt that you are talking a different language from what the men speak and understand? Felt frustrated enough to say aloud 'Now how can I explain this to you?' or worse still ' I cant explain this to you, you wont understand what I am saying'
To all men reading this, have you ever......NEVER MIND!!! you wont get what I am on about here!


Anonymous said...

One of the things in life you just have to live with. Or, can consider short term relationships till the things are reciprocated..know what I mean dame..

Morpheus said...

I dont want to live with anything that makes me unhappy. Or worse still anything that I dont really agree with. I dont look down on short term relationships but they are not for me.
I think best relationships are those where in you can agree to disagree. In the sense you can say 'I can see your point, but I dont agree with it'. I dont have to be a replica of anyone. I dont have to think similar thoughts, or agree with everything, to prove my love/ committment.
The ability to recognise your differences and then live with them is the start to a peaceful life.
I think!