Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Doctor or Lawyer

Having met both at the same time in my life, I was not quite sure which one I prefer. Would I prefer to be stuck with legal matters which require trips to the court and meeting a lawyer ever so often...or would I prefer to go back and forth to a hospital? Meet doctors to sort a problem.
What would you prefer ill health and no legal matters?
Legal matters in perfect health?
I know perfect health and no legal issues seem to be the best option...but no..not here..think about it.


Anonymous said...

When did you meet both?? What was the reason? Why cant we have both perfect health and no legal issues? Is there any logic behind it? Really curious to know if you would like to share!! Thanks.

SpaceMonkey said...

Anon, I second that.

Morf, I hope you're not deliberately making your posts difficult to understand. (Hinting at the KISS post). Fog index of this post is dangerously high.

Morpheus said...

I found myself in AIIMS(hospital)and Tees Hazari courts in Delhi at the same time. Could not figure what is the bigger pain in the ****!!
Having perfect health and no legal issues is if you dont smoke(health), dont drink(health), exercise (health) and stay well away from the opposite sex(legal issues!)
The logic being that in legal cases we have a role to play in deciding when or whether to pull out. In health - there is no choice, if you are ill, you are ill and there is not much you can do about it.
Monkey- I am trying to KISS but it does not seem to be happening on this blog recently..shall try again later

Anonymous said...

You know I dont smoke, dont drink, dont exercise(which has not affected my health so far) and I am still single.
Agree that if we ill, we are ill; cant do much about it. But that does not mean that we cant have perfect health and no legal issues at the same time. It was just a matter of co-incidence in your case. Thats what I think so.

Morpheus said...

I dont know :) it might be a matter or co-incidence in my case..or I could turn it- it might be a matter of good luck in your case that you have not reached a coincidence yet :D