Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Being the kind who can just about cook and so survive, I am so keen to eat good things, the thought of it makes me want to go back home. Last night I dreamt that a person was severely criticizing my cooking skills, or lack of. I was being asked to make this..which I could not make, that...which I had not heard of and was being told I am a useless person to have in the kitchen. Boo Hoo! I am glad I woke up.
Now..I am thinking..for a person who loves good food, and it very picky about it it makes sense for me to know how to cook. However I cant make use of the traditional Kashmiri cuisine cooking classes. Where in the mother in law taught the newly married daughter in law how to marinate pickles, how to cook good food for the husband and how to make things which are over all healthy and good to eat. I dont think that is quite possible in todays day and age.So I shall not be able to use that line of learning.
Option 2 being stealing all of my mum's hand written cook books and using those...which is not possible as she is in India.
Option 3 is to look for good food around where I live. The only good thing available in this city is Aloo parathas (potato pancakes) and Chola bhatura (chick peas with fried bread).
The last resort seems to be to give up on good food and live on Ramen or Maggi or Chinese take away. I suppose the lastest resort is to marry someone who knows how to cook decent food :) Do I love food that much, ummm...I dont know!!

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