Friday, August 12, 2005

Just Another Day...

Another day in India. Another day in court. A visit to the Hospital and I am thinking...hmm..very interesting. I met the Lawyer and the Doctor, now I need to meet a Police Man and thats the end of my meeting all Important people in life.
Good news is I am NOT diabetic..bad news if I have high sugar :) being Kashmiri it means nto such bad news as most K's I know have high sugar, BP and one out of 3 is not bad.

Good news is the legal end of the my life if moving ok, bad news is its a slow slow slow process that pains and hurts and makes me mad. I am a bit annoyed right now...for a whole host of things..perhaps some alcohol tonight shall do me good.
Lets see!

So far I have been to CP...central chaotic as before...and with the new underground tube network being built..more chaotic traffic is happening. But yes I went and saw the Cottage, Janpath and its book shops, had my favourite cold coffee and bought some music. So far so good.
Delhi is growing fast, moving quick and people live, eat and shop like no tomorrow. hmmm!! very different from UK.

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Piper said...

CP.. damn reminds be of everythign delhi is about. BTW, this time aroudn I went to a place called 'Haat'.. very cool.. :)
Hope you are hanging in there .. things are more a function of time than anythign else at this stage. Yo uhave the courage to hang in and fight it out. may be i shoudl learn something from ya!

anyhow. you look like you are on your way. love you lots. hi to everyone at home.