Monday, August 01, 2005

Location - London 30 July 05

In London,
On the 23rd Floor of the Hilton,
looking down at the city lights and traffic,
sipping champagne,
meeting old friends, catching up,
watching two friends I have known for long get engaged and smiling,
millions of pictures, loads of hugs and kisses,

yet the mind wanders...aimlesslesly through the folders and files of the distant past and the not so distant past.

Surrounded by people, yet alone. In a huge metropolis, yet solitary. Surrounded by friends, yet lonely.

The games my mind can play with me are varied and numerous. I did let it get the better of me that night in London for a bit, but I shook myself out of it..ate, drank and celebrated the longest time ever taken by a guy to buy a ring...5 years!!! Celebrated friends - old and new, past and present. The best thing was everyone looked so nice...we all clean up good!! Shall post some pictures soon.

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