Monday, August 18, 2008


Making it to the headlines across the world again. The right to self determination...separatist leaders plan to submit a memorandum to the UN office in the city outlining their demands (BBC - South Asia)

The world looks on, Kashmiris look at the UN. Why I wonder do we look at the UN..if we are so sure of what we want, why do we need nods of approval from a body which obviously is non functional or of no relevance to the greater powers in the world. The Bush does not ask for consent or approval. Why do we? Why does India even contemplate battles of words with bureaucrats and diplomats in the UN..have they made a difference? Are they capable of doing anything except rounds of useless talks.

US, UK, Russia, Iraq, Seirra Leone, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq..the list of nations in conflict is long..stable lasting peace..has not happened. I really do wonder what the UN's role really is in this world of Putin and Bush and Mugabe and Gen Than Shwe and Sanjagiin Bayar..look around you..are we being realistic?

What about Kashmir? Is a seperate state a possibility? Will an independent Kashmir be safe/ stable/ secure? Is it really impossible for the Kashmiri Muslims to live with the rest of the nation? Does India really need Kashmir and its problems? Do Kashmiris really need a partition of the state? Does Pakistan know what it could do with Kashmir if it gets there? Is joining Pakistan a profitable option in this day and age?

And if there is a need for all Kashmiris to vote on its future..ALL Kashmiris should..those who are born there, those who speak the language, those who are genetically Kashmiri..everyone who is Kashmiri, should decide..not just those who live in Srinagar.

I dont have an opinion about Kashmir per se which wont offend just about every reader here, I do however feel more than a bit upset that after nearly decade of relative calm..protests have started and the 'struggle' has been reawakened. It does make me wonder, no not wonder actually, it makes me re-iterate the reality of the debate over the losses of peace and profits of war/ conflict.

More money in war. Simple as that.


Keshi said...

Very good post!

**I do however feel more than a bit upset that after nearly decade of relative calm..protests have started and the 'struggle' has been reawakened.

I feel the same way abt the Tamil/Sinhala war in Sri Lanka that's going on for decades now. Stuck in a greedy power struggle, the SL govt is spending tons of money on a war that dun do any good to anyone. Its appalling how so called educated leaders of a country can be this DUMB. They r eating my country for their gain!


ray said...

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Deepak said...

I don't think I have a right to comment, because whatever I know about Kashmir is whatever the media has shown to me.
All I would pray for is that Kashmir may remain beautiful.

Upasna said...

I dont think Kashmiris in the valley want to do away with India. Independent state will not work, and they are aware of it. They want to be the special babies, get the money as well as the status (370). India shud just take a firm stand and abolish the spl status, so tht for once Kashmiris (inside & outside of the vale) can think of themselves as Indian nationals. If keeping them in India, and not allowing Indians access to land is fine, then we're justifying everything - even Raj Thackerey. I know people will harp about history- but hey now, after 1000s of yrs n so much bloodshed, its not even worth it! Why is India so concerned anyway, the state is sucking money and not generating revenues. It's just a matter of a stupid ego! If removing the status is too offensive, just ask them to move over to Pak- which they will never do, cos they know its lesser money & more pain !

Also I think if J&K together is sucha pain, then they shud just separate J & K n make Ladakh a union territory. In any case going by the definitions of Kashmiris, they have nothing common culturally with either the Ladakhis or Dogras. Even on the PoK side, only people in Muzzafarabad are Kashmiri speaking, rest all will be banished as Gujjars...