Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ma-isms (Mother-isms)

Things I have heard my mother say, over the years, repeatedly, which I have over a period of time realised were not exclusive to my mother..hence the list. I dont tag, but feel free to add onto this list:

1. Listen to me, I know
2. I know because I am older (thereby wiser)
3. I only want the best for you
4. In doing/ listening/ obeying me, you shall save yourself a lot of misery
5. If you listen to me you wont suffer
6. I dont understand these new fangled ideas
7. By the time I was your age, I had been married for 6 years and had 3 children
8. You never listen to me anyway, so why are you asking for advice?
9. You think you know it all, you don't
10.There is no harm in listening to advice once in a while
11.No matter what you say, somethings will not change
12.There is a time and place for everything, you have to deal with it
13.Friends are good, but not always, maintain distance
14.My hair has not turned grey in the sun (they denote wisdom of the years)
15.Someday you shall have a child of your own and then you will understand my pain
16.For your wedding I shall do as I please, you can have your way at your child's wedding
17.There are some rules, which need to be followed, not questioned
18.A boy never has anything to lose (as opposed to a girl aka me)
19.No one wants a girl who airs her opinions freely, all the time
20.Learn to sit still
21.Dont listen to me, but then dont come crying back to me either
22.We shall think/ see about that later (means NO!)
23.You think I know nothing
24.I can see inside your head and heart
25.You can never lie to me, and get away with it
26.I always want what is best for you, you might not always see it, but I can
27.Why cant you just listen without arguing
28.There is no point in my saying anything to you, you think you know it all
29.Men expect certain things in a marriage, no matter which century we live in
30.Space is good, take it, dont explain it, never argue over it
31.The man in your life, does not need to know everything, always
32.Traditions have no reasons, they just are, made to be followed
33.I shall call you by your married name, like it or not (changed or not)
34.For me, you shall always be a child
35.Please behave your age
36.The later you leave it, the harder it will be (have children now)
37.You young people/ generation your minds are in the skies
38.I always wish you happiness, but you seem to not want happiness
39.You overreact to things, calm down, grow up
40.Tch, I am not going to say anything (followed by a 40min monologue)


chandni said...

groovy! I am glad u posted this!!!

My list is the ame. and also -

- A woman has to scarufuce a lot in life. The sooner u understand that, the better it is.

- You must do little thoughtful things for your in laws. ur husband will like it, and like u more!

- get your cooking tips from your MIL, so that you can cook according to how your man likes it (!!!)

Upasna said...

why does it sound like a cancerian (mom)- saggi(daughter) everyday conversation list would be ditto !

Morpheus said...

Chandni..I agree about the first comment. The one about dad taught she cant say anything :)

Upasna..saggi daughter - yes. Gemini mom. But i think its a more generic situation and applicabel across all birth signs.

Soulmate said...

Though I couldnt agree to this more that it not birth sign specific but incidentaly, yours and mine co-incide. Saggi Daughter (me) and Gemini Mom... :-D

and we all are fine.. was away from the blast site luckily...

Dusty Fog said...

Me thinks, being the only guy commenting here,(at the moment) I shall simply stick to the the 3 best lines i tripped on....30/31/38...awesome...I can tell you what my mum goes on about...slightly different since it is a mum/son thingy...another time perhaps....: )

kalika said...

very true :)