Monday, July 26, 2010


'The Supreme Court has frowned upon the clubbing of `housewives' with prostitutes, beggars and prisoners under the economically non-productive' category in the Census, saying this betrayed the "totally insensitive" and "callous" approach of statutory authorities.' from here

I mean...REALLY. And we are supposed to be progressive and moving towards being an equal society. Do they not know the basics of feminist economic thinking? Or even simple economics? Have they not heard about such things as domestic economies.

Beggars in Delhi are known to earn close to Rs 5000 a day at times and often run a parallel economy where in they loan and even donate, yes, donate money to others in need.

I dont even want to whisper about prostitution and economics..really.

I am so in shock, okay maybe not shock, surprise and a deep sense of disappointment maybe..

'There is also increasing recognition of the unquantifiable service women provide by raising children.'
I dont want to keep going back to my baby, but its about 120.00 Pounds per day to get childcare in this country..

And now I am getting so mad, I want to hit someone.

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