Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Prisoners approach to world peace

Some 18-21 year old male convicts in my class decided to think about why we have wars and crime and so much violence in our lives. Primary reasons they came up with were:

- Religion.
Every single thing around us seems to be fought due to religous differences. If one of us seriously believes that the other is wrong/ bad/ evil because of his / her religion then we have a problem.

- Money.
The difference between haves and have nots and the expansion in whats available if you have the money has made people greedy and this leads to violence.

- Women.
A man might not fight for any of the above (God, or money), but he will fight for his girl/ woman.

So the bottom line after much thinking was..if there were no women to defend it would mean peace, better still it would mean not having to things for them which means no need for money. And since no women means no kids, it puts an end to faith and religion!

How is that for world peace!

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