Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I love and hate this weather.
In the morning there is a barely there whiff of can smell it and then its gone..I dont know if any of you know this smell...its cold and crisp in the morning..and the leaves are starting to change colours...
This time of the year, this part of this country..gets chilly. So if you wear a are hot. If you dont wear it you are cold. The sun comes out you are hot. The clouds come in you are cold. Its too warm to wear boots, too cold to wear sandals... in sleeveless your arms freeze, in full sleeves, your hands freeze, its too soon to wear gloves..I guess mid weather shopping needs to be done.

I hereby revoke the previous blog entry. This weekend is shopping day!


mar00ned said...

That was a Calvin-ish blueeeuughh :-)

Morpheus said...

It sure was! I love Calvin, on the other hand..I do feel VERY VERY bad for his parents :) sp his mom!