Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How far is far?

How far would you go for some one you love dearly?
Would you quit your job? Would you move city/country/continent?
Would you put yourself and what matters to you behind this one person who means a lot to you? Would you behave in a different way? Would you change your way of thinking, seeing and understanding? Would you do something that you dont really believe in?
And all that...willingly?

Does not doing something they really want you to do mean you dont love/ care about this person enough?
Why is it that when are faced with agreement or worse still disagreement with some on we love or care about, it always boils down to how much we feel/care for them?

Very often people use this kind of arguement to get their way.

Sometimes we do things willingly, because we all seem to have some set of priorities in our head. And we act accordingly. And then what really matters comes out on top. But is it ok not to put the person you love on top, even if they dont put you on the top either? Is it ok to give your priorities a bit of a shuffle now and then?

Why is it that we have the highest expectations from the people we love the most? And why do we very often put conditions of the steepest kind on the relationships that matter the most.

Richard Bach says 'If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem.'

On the other hand if the other persons happiness is not important to you, is it possible that the person is important to you?

Or am I asking the same 'it is a fine line' type of question?


Soulmate said...

I think I will go ahead and leave my job, move to another country or anything if I love that person.. I can find another job but I wont find him again and I will never want to lose him.... Also this does not mean that I am doing all this against my happiness.. I am doing this for OUR happiness..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I have done that..left my country for the one I love. The problem is that when I was leaving I knew I was leaving for something lesser than what I had in my country...but I thought I can survive and be happy. But today three years down the line, I regret that decision because I am three years behind the rest in my field. I have not grown in the direction I would have wanted to and that takes my happiness away. I guess it depends on individual to individual. I believe if I am not happy OUR happiness cannot be achieved...