Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Simplicity and lack of complication seems to be directly proportional to how little you think? Or is it?
There seems to be a fine line between people who are easy going and relaxed and those who are just plain lazy.
Sometimes things come up that need thinking about. You need to think them out, think around them, do a SWOT on them and see what comes out. Once you have thought it through you are done. Then you can tidy up your thoughts, reach a conclusion and move on.
Often people perceive thinking as a waste of time and the reason for stress, but I wonder if it is honestly possible to ignore a problem by not thinking about it.
Or is the older generation right here. All people who are that side of 50 who I know say that us,'youngsters' think too much. Well they lived through wars and depressions and lack of money, lack of medicine and technology and never worried that much, we silly young people think too much and complicate our simple lives by over crowding it with analysis.
The question now being how many people will frankly admit to being worriers and how many people can look back at tough times and think..oh yes..i worried..a lot
And what is the line between worry too much and think well before making decisions.

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