Friday, September 22, 2006


Read something somewhere about the blogging phenomenon and what is it that encourages people to pour their hearts out online for strangers to see.
I dont know about other people..but most of my entries are personal rants, thoughts and experiences...if some people like reading! (and also thanks!)but at most times this space is used more like a diary of thoughts..and processes in my head and around me that I notice and remember some day later. A bit like photographs in text format!

As of now the thing that is uppermost in my mind is the stupid fight I had at work last night. A disagreement spiralled out of control to become a loud arguement. I have learnt from my past experiences that I dont like anger and shouting. Probably because it seems an unfair way of communicating and also because I cant/ dont shout back. Which means I feel angrier and angrier by every passing minute. This gets worse coz I like to think I dont let people get to me, and when they do I think...'this little ****' should be able to rattle me!! I am better than that. And then I go all cold and silent (which does look like I lost the arguement/ conceded defeat / agreed with the opposition)
The thing with anger that does not get vented is that it simmers inside and then takes days to get out..if ever! Perhaps shouting and giving vent to emotions is a good idea..atleast you get it off your chest. But is it really? Is not anger another version of insecurity..where you shout coz you think the other person is not listening..
dont know..sitting on the fence here..


Piper said...

Am a bit late to the story..
areyou ok???

Morpheus said...

Am good :D dont stay down for long! Bounced right back and had a long chat with boss. Got an apology and plenty of sweet talk :)