Thursday, September 14, 2006


Will always know they are right, and hope you know that too.
Will always say things are ok, but inside shake their heads and knowing they are not.
Will keep a secret for 5 mins and then tell 10 people.
Will start talking the minute they wake up and shut up only when asleep.
Will always want a compliment, no matter how mundane.
Will like to know its them and only them that you think about.
Will argue like no tomorrow and cry like no day after.
Will remember things said and done long after you think (and hope).
Will always need (not want) material goods (small or big)
Will always know when to smile at a man to get their way.

Think they know it, but know that they dont.
Will never accept the above.
Gossip and bitch about others sometimes worse than women.
Will never accept the above.
Will scowl over your girlie things and call them silly wastes of time/space.
But shall secretly want to know how they work...but..
Will never accept the above.
Will mock your glossies and find them dumb, but will thumb through them when you are not looking.
Will never accept the above.
Will find our need for shoes, bags, clothes, music silly.
But will appreciate it secretly when they go out with us.
Will never accept the above.
Will loudly say..oh dear she talks so much. But will smile inside about it.
Will never accept the above.

Why oh why?

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