Tuesday, November 28, 2006


For those who have done and passed...hats off!
For those who are writing..greatest sympathies!
Just had a review..and as reviews go, it was not bad! I got a lot of positive feedback about my theoretical grounding and the pathbreaking work I have done. I got a lot of shit for being modest about it..hmm!!!
While I am happy to know I am on the right track...I am disheartened by the long way left to go. Everytime I think I am nearly done, comes another round of feedback...asking me to do more.
People want my thesis to be perfect...
I just want it to end! Eat, sleep, drink, think and write...for nearly 5 years about it..and then one day you wake up and it does not matter any more..coz you are sick of it. I am! And then you get a parting shot from the Doctors...no one said this would be easy...
Y...e..ss...but then no one said it would be this damn hard!!
Boo Hoo!


Piper said...

Yes, a thesis has to be perfect! No questions about that. and if you want it to end - that's the way to end it - perfect.

OK..i know you are tired/ busy / worked long and hard - but thoda sa aur... :)

lol..I am getting good at cheering up people - first sangi, then you.. he he he

SpaceMonkey said...

What's your research about?

Morpheus said...

I am looking at economic development in areas of long term conflict. My focus is on Kashmir! I am working with women craft makers and attempting at reconstructing civil society structures through promotion of income generation!
still awake?