Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Your Soul?

He entered the warm train compartment, rubbing his hands briskly to get them back to life. It was freezing cold and dark outside and the Northerly winds seemed to go through all his layers of clothes.
The train crawled out of Nuneaton and he sat back, his cap and scarf still on, waiting to thaw.
The man in front looked at him hard. In a plain voice asked, "I am cold, give me your cap."
This startled him, he was only trying to warm up and as he looked at his travelling companion he thought, it was a weird request to make from a stranger. He hesitated.

The man noticed the hesitation and said,
'I could have taken your soul, but I am only asking for your cap'

He handed his cap over.

Based on a true incident on a train in England!

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