Monday, March 12, 2007


The countdown is on. To move into a new space and new place. A new identity and a new family. Hmm!
The weekend was spent thinking about new possibilities and visualising new situations.
As my head swirled with thoughts, I thought about the typical 'cold feet' situation. I dont have cold feet. Its more a realisation of how important moving ahead is, trust is, love is. Building blocks of relationships have created a new world into which I plan to enter.
Willingly, happily.
Yet there remains trepidation of the future. But a long time ago someone I love, trust and respect said, 'There are no assurances in life'.
So here I go. One more weekend spent thinking.


Upasna said...

Hey I am sure the future will bring in great promise and hope things go just as per your wishes!

When's the party, btw? :)

Morpheus said...

Well I hope so too!! No party plans yet..there are dates..and...more dates!!