Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pass or Fail

Why do I need to think about this...for the past few weeks I have been worrying about defending my thesis. The problem in UK being..there are no assurances of a pass, you have to defend a thesis completely and competently..else..a FAIL is a possible..very possible option. I was told only 40% of UK researchers who start a PhD complete it, the rest drop out. I was also told that only 30% of that 40% pass the viva :) SUCH FUN!!

Now I am sitting and earnestly wishing I had rewritten some parts, used a lot more than the 327 books I read..but hey..I think its too late.

So I shall crack on with preparing for any question in or outside the book. Apparently a PhD is given to those who:
- make a useful and original contribution to a field of knowledge
- who show expertise in the area they are working in
- should know all work done previously in the field at all levels
- should be able to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the field
- should have used academically acceptable sources and methods of work
- should have in thesis presented a coherent and well sustained argument about the work

..and the list..goes on..

Problem do not get marks - its a pass or a fail. hmmm! yup!! Thats the way it is..

I shall get back to my books!

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Anonymous said...

Oh. Relax, and you'll do it well. :)

Then you can give me a tip or two about how to tackle a PhD.