Friday, May 02, 2008

Dr Morpheus...

I passed. The viva was tough, I got asked the generic questions I expected..but also unexpcted detailed, specific questions..between two people..they went on firing question after question, with no was not fun!
But they concluded..I should get the Doctorate..and I did.
I have some corrections to do..which do not worry me..we all (at PhD level) get them. So yup...I am done. Its been a roller coaster journey..with me hanging on to the need to finish..the reason to finish. Loads of times I did feel the PhD was taking over my did...but life goes one wise friend of mine cant put your life on hold and get into 4 years of research..truth!!

Challenges..personal, financial, emotional...they all came. But with two to cajol, encourage and comfort me, and one who kicked my arse got done.

The Man gets a special mention..for making tea, getting me everything from paper, to post-its and asprins. From telling me I will finish, I better finish..and ofcourse..the last one before the viva..if you dont pass..we buy a one way ticket to India..and stay pressure then huh?

Family and friends..who encouraged, used negative psychology on me..pestered me, asked me..pestered me..told me things like..'I am growing old watching you study', 'now everyone knows you are doing better finish it', to saying..'ofcourse you shall do it, ofcourse you shall doubt is silly, but we shall pray for you anyways'..

Thanks one and all.

But..mum gets the last word..'I never thought YOU would would walk around school, cut classes at Univ, scrape past in Physics, fail miserably with single figure marks(out of 100) at Maths..get bored and get told off for staring out of the classroom. You wanted to not graduate but do a fine art course..I am happy and surprised that you have managed to climb up the furthest on the education ladder..there is nothing beyond this..I am proud and stand corrected in my judgment of what children are capable never does know'...

Thanks Ma.


Deepak said...


Second "Doctor" in my blogroll!
I can ask you for general PhD advice now. :D

Morpheus said...

Thanks..! I sure can advise you...DONT do a PhD..that is if you have not already which case write...till you can write no more..and then some more..

Upasna said...

Congrats! Awesome job...its a big big effort !!
I have often coaxed myself to think abt it, havent been able to go beyond tht thinking part !

pilot-pooja said...

Many Congrats Dr.Morpheus!

Dusty Fog said...

can I do the "i told you"...: )!!!!

chandni said...

congratulations!! That sure is big..

And your mom's words...there's always a double PHD


Pilot-Pooja said...

Many congratulations!!!

Mothers are always the Best well wishers!!