Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Best Friend's engagement

He has finally done it. He has finally got engaged to the woman of his dreams. She is everything he has ever thought about, dreamt about..and yet again..thought about. They are engaged and shall get married some time soon. I am happy for both of them.
Having known him since I was about 10yrs old...and spending endless amount of start with...screaming, shouting and fighting with him. And a later stage talking and writing non stop to him...I used to often think...he is Strange(in a strangely nice way)..who will marry him?? :) and She will. Cool hai!!!
I am happy for him. You have been my best friend, my advisor, my well wisher and the kicker of my butt when i got stuck, the shaker of my spirit when i was low. I wish you every happiness...I know you shall be happy together. I think you have enough brains to know how to be be happy. And to the wife to be...if you ever need someone to assist you with butt kicking...let me know...the pleasure shall be mine...purana hisaab and all that.

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