Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The G8

I have been away...I am in Edinburgh...watching the nation of free people...who go out to free other people in Iraq and Afghanistan, beat the shit out of thier own people.
The last time i checked this was a free country. And since Monday all I have seen is heavy handed riot police asking people to shut up. Hmmmm...I think. Did we give them the right to rule us or govern us. There is a difference.
So yes, I have been away..watching with scepticism and the tiniest glimmer of hope (that cant die) that the High and Mighty who are at Gleneagles right now..might just listen to the people who have put them in the decision making place.
Shall put some pictures of Edinburgh up soon.

'Freedom is the right to say No'


Amit Kaul said...

Hi Buaji,

Was pondering about your observations on protesting and riot police..

In the past, most protestors trashed the city property(Seattle comes to my mind). If I am a taxpayer of that city, I don't think I want protestors messing up my city. If you break it, you should fix it or pay for it. What happened to that... Freedom to protest is nice and good but at what cost? Not at the cost of trashing stuff that other people have to pay for. That is common courtesy.

On the other hand, did the protestors turn violent because of the riot police? Who knows..

Just another perspective to add depth..

Morpheus said...

There are always two sides to every story. The one I am talking about...well..the police were heavy handed and pushy. The protest was a peaceful march till people got pushed around.
We are always free to pay taxes for wars we dont want, destruction that we dont like, for issues we dont support. My tax paid for Iraq...and I am not happy about it.I have the right to quietly walk and show my dissent. right?

A Kaul said...

Right.. agree with you on this one..