Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Thought Labyrinth

Lying in bed thinking thoughts.

One leads to another and that links to a disconnected one. I start from point A and might end at point C which I reach via Z, M and Q. A random pattern of thoughts that weave, skim, link and return, twist and connect, go round and inside out. A never ending chain. And then I stop and trace them back to the original kick off thought.

I cover most ground of thinking - work and my to do list, my loved ones, mistakes I have made, my current low, my happy thoughts, current scary thoughts, my promising thoughts, need to pay the phone bill thoughts, have to write my next chapter in the thesis thoughts, need a haircut thoughts, have to go shopping before I go on vacation thoughts, where is my friend who had an accident thoughts, what to buy as birthday gifts thoughts, would the Virgin flight be any better than last time thoughts, how hot will it be in India thoughts..... (this is the first one minute i think)
...... and it goes on and on till I look at the clock and realise I have been spinning myriad thoughts for the past half an hour.

Is it because my brain was working out solutions and this was a residue from last nights rest or is it just another excuse to lie in bed for another half an hour?

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