Wednesday, July 27, 2005

time moves slow..

you are dying to go wee...
you are dying to go home...
you are hungry, so hungry you could die...
you are waiting for someone...
you are trying to get a quick decision...

This is Sod's law i think in UK.

I am waiting for the time to pass quick so I can get home, be home and close to everyone who I love. Be home and relax and get over mental stresses and the dialy wear and tear of living in this country.
Want to..
Go home and blank out the myriad thoughts in my head.
Go home and not cook, clean or wash.
Go home and not take a bus or train or cab or drive
Go home and get licked to nothing by a fat black dog.
Go home and be loved to bits.
Go home and sit in the sun.
Go home and get a decent hair cut.

The list is endless...and its directly proportinal to the pointlessness of my existence here!

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