Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This is Portobello beach in Scotland, not far from Edinburgh. It was not exactly a hot sunny day but kids with spades and buckets were about. As usual I spent my time picking up shells and pebbles. Sat and stared at affectionate yet dumb Labs fetching sticks that were thrown into the sea. The water here is cleanish but you would not really want to swim in it because it is freezing.

In Edinburgh and I am climbing up a small hill (they call it mountain) called Arthur's seat. Inappropriate climbing gear, but I went shopping, saw the hill and wanted to go up to the top. And after half an hour or more of wheezing and panting I did manage to reach the top. It was well worth the climb, even in a skirt and running shoes!! Which I had just bought (pink bag on my back has sandals)

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