Friday, January 19, 2007

Do you know?

How well do you know the one you value the most/ love the most?

Do you know what they think about when they are glazed over and spaced out?
What they really wish they could change about themselves?
What one liner or thought always makes them smile?
Which of your friends they like the most?
Which place and memory is they cherish the most?
What upsets them the most?
What is the one thing they would love you to do without being told?
What worries them the most about you?
Which parent or sibling do they really like?

After being together for a longish time people tend to either forget about such things or forget what they knew a long time ago..when it comes to men and women, men often dont know..or what they knew during the dating phase about their love would and could have changed as time passes...

Whats her favourite flower?
What is her favourite song?
What would she really do if you were to give her complete control of a holiday?
Which photograph of yours if her favourite?
Does she like surprises?
What does she remember about your first date?
What was her first impression of you?
Does she have secrets that you dont know but she would not mind sharing?

Small things, that make a difference, that reveal the difference between constant love and growing love. That show that you are still interested in the woman next to you, that you dont know her in entirely but are willing to spend your life unravelling..


Anonymous said...

I agree with you... It happens.. Have you experienced anything like this???

Morpheus said...

Being in love takes you there automatically :)