Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Past, Present and Future.

Look back and you shall see the wisdom of hindsight. You will see where you should have turned left when you turned right. And got lost. And you did see the signs, which were bright but you did not want to read them. This is when you see how much you have grown up and changed to what you are now.

Look in the mirror now and you think, much has changed, and a lot of evolvement of your brain, your heart and soul has taken place. You will always think, I am so much better now than I was before. Reflecting on the past is almost akin to seeing teenage photographs and cringing at your appearance. But on a whole new level, where you see how you have moved up and on in your thinking and behaviour, the changes are there, some would like to think, they never changed and they are just the same. That is just not possible. Tiny changes in your thoughts and perceptions, in your actions and words occur. The past handed the baton to the present, and that shift changed you.

You will always think, that I shall remain this way into my future. You have improved and changed to the best of your ability now and any further changes dont look right or seem to be needed. Your thoughts shall be as refined as they are now and will hopefully follow the same pattern in the future as they do now. Which is a good thought, but not possibly workable. You will change, your future that seems far now and which you can probably picture somewhat clearly will not be a replica of your thoughts. It shall be different because you shall be different.

People change, most times for the better. Your current environment and thoughts hold shades of the past, which now blend seamlessly into a new hue of the present, the whole colour shall change in the future, but in essence it shall remain the same. Change is not wrong and it is unavoidable. Your intrinsic personality and heart does not change. The shades on the epidermal level change as you learn, grow and evolve, in an attempt at being a better human being. Some changes are more permanent than the others. Dont look back to sigh, dont sit back complacently in the present, dont worry about the future. Every day and every new experience teaches us something and leaves us with a tiny mark, its up to us to learn from it and change when needed, and more importantly not resist change when it pushes you.

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