Sunday, January 07, 2007


Busy-ness as usual. Holiday my foot, this trip is turning into a roller coaster ride. Meeting people I have only heard, seeing people I did not know existed and dining with people who I have never seen before! One big mish mash of people, places, trafiic, eating, shopping and very little sleep :(
There is a background of illness and tension.
There is a feeling of time ticking backwards till it runs out and I shall be away from the people I love the most to complete something that matters a lot.
I am happy though..and I guess that is what matters.
India..what can I say...everytime I come here I always have one question...
what makes the people tick?..cant figure it out..not just yet!


Soulmate said...

Dont worry dear Morpheus... This busy phase will also phase out soon... Sleep when are back to UK.. Till then enjoy the busy-ness of India... And as you said that you are happy, this is worth for.

Deepak said...

I was under the impression that you were an Indian. Aren't you?

Anonymous said...

i i read your blog often.
why are you meeting strange people!
I had a same experience recently on a business trip and my stomach went bad!!
Yes you are so right about india , the water and the air and the do people keep goingphew!!

Morpheus said...

@soulmate, thanks. I will!
@ Deepak, yes I am Indian..which what makes it more interesting..if I cant figure it out...
@anon, meeting strange people makes them not strangers anymore..which is the reason I met them..if it makes sense!

thushar said...

"India is a functioning anarchy" said john galbraith...i second him
"if frenchmen are packed like people are in india, there will be rivers of blood"...similar to a line in 'shantaram'...i second that too :)